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Thank you for your interest. Briefly-I grew up in Southern Indiana and attended Butler University. I finished at Indiana University, graduating with a specialty degree in Cytotechnology then moved to Maine shortly thereafter.  Except for a brief stint in Grad school in Western Massachusetts, I have made my home in Maine.


I've always loved a well-told story and have an interest in Tudor England. About twenty years ago I stumbled upon a book about alchemy and came up with the idea for a daughter of an alchemist who lived during the reign of Henry VIII. The original tale was a coming of age story. An agent signed me on, but the manuscript never sold, no matter how many times I rewrote it.

I worked in labs and supplemented my income writing indexes for small presses. In my free time, I wrote other manuscripts, improving my skills slowly over the years. In 2010, I was a RWA  Golden Heart finalist and finaled in a national YA writing contest. After another couple of near misses selling a manuscript, I rethought my story about alchemy and decided to try to write a mystery. I'd never written a mystery before, but I took it on as a personal challenge, not expecting much to come of it. I'd been writing for so long that whether or not I ever got published, the challenge was too ingrained in me to stop.


So, here I am--happy to have this opportunity, learning to adjust, and just trying to craft a decent book. When I'm not writing, I farm, and in particular, I adore time with my grandchildren. Visit my sister site at Rare Berry Farm to learn more about our farm and the special jams we create. Environmental and political issues matter a great deal to me so when I get a chance, I listen to a lot of podcasts--and I drink way too much coffee.



spiritual pilgrim, alchemy, Bianca Goddard mystery
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