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I’m the author of the forthcoming historical mystery series featuring Bianca Goddard, the daughter of an infamous alchemist. Set in Tudor London during the final years of Henry VIII’s reign, the series follows Bianca in her pursuit of science to create medicines to help the sick. Along the way, Bianca must deal with a most unhealthy dose of murder and mayhem.

“Unique characters, a twisty plot and a bold, bright heroine add up to a great debut for The Alchemist’s Daughter. Mystery and Tudor fans alike will raise a glass to this new series.” — Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author

“A rare and realistic evocation of 16th century London’s underside. Skillfully plotted and researched, an enjoyable read.” — Fiona Buckley, author of the Ursula Blanchard mysteries

“Set during the twilight years of Henry VIII with vibrant characters, and an intriguing plot, The Alchemist’s Daughter, brings the darkness and danger of Tudor London vividly to life. A beautifully written addition to the medieval mystery genre.” — Sandra Worth, author of Pale Rose of England

“I absolutely loved The Alchemist’s Daughter – the characters, the authentic feel of the period, and of course the richly drawn story.” — Dorothy Cannell, Award winning author and recipient of MWA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

“Readers…will most likely be eager to read future Bianca Goddard adventures.” –Authorlink

“If you enjoy history and mystery with fun and romance, as well as a creep appeal you will find this a truly amazing addition to your library.”–Blogcritics

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The Alchemist’s Daughter
Kensington books
Trade paper, April 2015
ISBN-13: 978-1-61773-710-7

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Three mysteries in my Bianca Goddard series will be published by Kensington Books. The first, The Alchemist’s Daughter, is scheduled for release April 28 of 2015, and is available for order. I invite you to read a little more about the series, my sleuth-Bianca, alchemy, and Tudor London. Sign up for my newsletter, Alchemy and Mystery, and I’ll send you interesting tidbits about alchemy, Tudor London, herbs and release dates.